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Special offer! Fluid as a gift

Флювид кардамон

Флювид кардамон

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Flu, acute respiratory viral infection, colds …
To support the body’s defenses and symptomatic treatment of colds, use an effective natural remedy, Fluvid.
Fluvid – the power of nature against the flu and colds!
In the period from 10/01/18 to 12/31/18 for each customer of our products as a gift 1 package Fluid cardamom.
Be healthy!

Shiv-Medfarm is an official distributor of certified Ayurvedic preparations and nutraceuticals.

Indian Herbs is a leading global ayurvedic drug company.

The history and policy of the company is a unique fusion of the experience of generations with modern science and technology.

Shri ram lal agrawal

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комплексвитаминови аминокислот

The SHIVMED company plays a significant role in solving the health problems facing people in the 21st century, presenting unique compositions of Ayurvedic preparations and nutraceuticals on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

SHIVMED offers natural, safe and highly effective means used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Worldwide, there is a growing interest in alternative (natural) drugs and dietary supplements used to normalize and improve the functional state of organs and systems, reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases and oncological processes. We believe that we can make a worthy contribution to the health of the nation.

We believe that health is above all, and a person should always strive to preserve, restore and support spiritual and physical health, which directly affects the full manifestation of the quality of life. No system of medicine has been able to do this on its own, and, therefore, it is necessary to use everything possible – ancient and modern.

Our goal is to ensure the protection of health, improve the quality and duration of human life in the present and the future, providing the population of the country with quality Ayurvedic medicines and natural health products. And we perceive this goal as a way of serving humanity. We have combined the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest advances in science to accomplish this goal. Attracting new high technology, using thousands of years of experience and the latest achievements in the field of pharmacy, we offer innovative products and effective solutions aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of the nation.

A team of professionals, high scientific potential, modern production base and ambitious projects allow us to look confidently into the future.

The technology and production conditions correspond to the highest international quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry – GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

We are open for contacts, business interaction, partnership and always welcome new ideas and constructive proposals.



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