Indian Herbs is the world’s leading manufacturer of Ayurvedic drugs.

The history and policy of the company is a unique blend of the experience of generations with modern science and technology.

Indian Herbs was founded in 1951. It is a leading research company that produces healing herbal products for over 50 years.
Основателем компании был Shri Ram Lal Agrawal. Он был вдохновлен идеей травяной медицины и в своём интервью, опубликованном в журнале практической медицины «The Practitioner» («Практикующий Специалист»), в декабре 1950 года, писал:

«Мудрость нашего народа построена на опыте поколений, часто многовековом. И данные, на которых эта мудрость основана, часто получены ценой человеческих жизней, число  которых современному научному сотруднику невозможно оценить. Это особенно актуально в настоящее время, когда фармацевтические компании всего мира выпускают непрерывный поток новых синтетических лекарств. И именно сейчас наше внимание необходимо привлечь к средствам, которые могут быть найдены среди туземных трав этой страны».


Shri Ram Lal Agrawal was a renowned expert on the identification, classification and therapeutic use of plants. He was fascinated by the virtues of a 5000-year-old ancient Indian medicine called Ayurveda, which opens up huge possibilities for the use of herbs to treat people.

Scientific and production potential

Since that time, the Indian Herbs have been studying the 50-century experience of previous generations. Numerous scientific researches, pharmacological approbation and clinical evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicinal products in modern scientific lines, using the most modern technologies are carried out.

Research and development is central to the activities of Indian Herbs. Highly advanced technological studies, as well as the study of the formulation tree, have led to the development of more than 50 effective drugs over the past five decades. The company is engaged in the study, development and production of unique Ayurvedic preparations.

More than 145 researchers were awarded high academic degrees for outstanding contributions to the study of herbal products. More than 600 research publications devoted to the company’s products in leading national and international scientific journals were published.

A dynamic team of scientists, including botanists, microbiologists, pharmacologists, clinicians, chemists, pharmacists, work in various divisions of the company.

The capabilities of the company’s research center have reached great heights using the most advanced equipment and highly accurate instruments and techniques. The best equipment is used for standardization and quality control of plant products.


Many scientists and clinicians in India, Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States and CIS countries have conducted experimental and clinical trials, and continue to research the healing properties of herbal products company.

The results of their work are published in international journals, submitted for consideration by colleagues, professional medics and consumers.

The achievements of the company’s research and development center were recognized at the state level. The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Government of India provided this with official confirmation – a certificate was issued, the first in this field in India.

Department of the Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy, Ministry of Health, Government of India has repeatedly confirmed the accreditation of the company to conduct research studies of Ayurveda and other medical systems in India.

According to an independent review conducted by BioSpectrum and the Association of Bio technology led Enterprises (ABLE), Indian Herbs is the only company in the sector of research and production of therapeutic herbal products among the Top-30 biotechnology enterprises in India, and far ahead of many pharmaceutical companies. Also, according to independent market survey “ORG” – Indian Herbs is one of the four leaders in India, successfully competing with multinational companies. Most of the products of Indian Herbs are brand leaders in the relevant therapeutic areas.

The Indian Herbs Group is the first pharmaceutical company to receive the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate among many companies involved in the research, development and production of herbal medicinal products. The certificate is assigned to Det Norse Veritas, the Netherlands.

Indian Herbs received more than 22 patents in the US, Europe, Australia, and other countries. A unique system for the delivery of medicines and nutraceuticals has also been developed, introduced and patented.

Indian Herbs products are registered and authorized for use in many countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan other countries


In many other countries, this production is at the registration stage.

Herbal formulas, which are developed, unified and produced by the group of companies Indian Herbs, are used as nutraceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements, etc.

Standardization and quality control

Quality is never an accident. Quality is always the fruit of a high goal, beginning with effort, intellectual leadership and skillful execution
John Ruskin

All herbal ingredients of the product meet the quality standards defined for each specific ingredient. Scientists choose the best plant materials, given the place of growth, the correspondence of soils and natural conditions. The time of harvesting, observing the technology of collection, transportation and storage of plant raw materials is of great importance.

Our quality control laboratories retain samples and maintain a special database containing complete information, certified by experts, regarding each batch of raw materials used in production.

Our research center developed special recommendations and requirements for the cultivation of plant raw materials containing the optimal number of active ingredients. These methods are used both on our farms and on other agricultural enterprises with which we cooperate. Compliance with relevant requirements is constantly monitored by our experts and allows us to guarantee high quality of plant products.

The production is located in Saharanpur (U.P), near the Himalayas. It is a natural storehouse of medicinal herbs, rich in medicinal properties.

The production is well equipped with equipment, staffed by highly qualified, specially trained personnel, competent technologists with a high production culture.

Weighing, packaging, filling and packaging are carried out on special conveyors using a modern automated system. Therefore, the end product remains untouched by the human hand. Automation of the entire process effectively meets the requirements of “good manufacturing practice” (GMP).

So, according to the recommendations of the WHO guidelines, IndianHerbs is the first candidate to receive a GMP certificate for the production of Ayurvedic drugs from GOVT.

We strive to sow the seeds of quality in the nature of the relationship between man and nature. We provide the needs of our clients in terms of the high therapeutic effectiveness of drugs in the absence of toxicity. Indian Herbs have already established such quality, safety and efficiency standards for plant products that others are just trying to achieve.

Interest in natural medicines and food additives is growing all over the world. Increasingly, people believe that the future will belong to medical products and medical food (health food) based on natural products.