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Antistress and atherosclerosis

BIOVITON basic combination
In stock
a basic combination of vitamins and minerals for daily maintenance of health and energy metabolism of the body. BIOVITON is intended for use in hypovitaminosis and vitamin imbalances, developing in chronic diseases, improper diet, and also with inte..
195 грн.
Bioviton immuno tablets №30
In stock
Amount in a package: 30 Producing country: India
HIGH LEVEL OF IMMUNE AND ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION OF THE BODYA nutraceutical agent that affects the function of the immune system, antioxidant status and energy metabolism, increases the body's non-specific resistance to viral, bacterial and fungal inf..
280 грн.
220 грн.
Cardiovid capsules
In stock
CARDIOVID -Heart Tonic and cholesterol level regulator In the composition extracts of: Terminalia arjuna Emblica officinalis Withania somnifera Boerhavia diffusa Ocinum sanctum Mechanism of action of capsules "Cardiovid": Bioacti..
210 грн.
Neuroid capsules
In stock
Neirovid is a combined herbal preparation that provides a harmonizing effect on the nervous system, used to treat a wide range of stress-related diseases. Neirovid consists of extracts: Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) Tulasi (Holy Basil, Ocimum..
215 грн.
Antistress and atherosclerosis