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Our address: Sumy, 40034, 54 Mykhaila Lushpa ave
Sumy, 40034, 54 Mykhaila Lushpa ave
Kharkiv - Polyclinic Homeopath - 1 Manizera St
Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00
Dnipro - Biopart - str. Titova 23
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Cherkasy - Phytoapteka - 47 B. Vyshnevetskogo str
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Introduction to Ayurveda
Introduction to Ayurveda
Since time immemorial, mankind has been in constant search for medicines for various diseases.It is necessary to pay tribute to classical medical science, which has now achieved impressive success, has made a huge contribution to the cure of many diseases..
What is Hepatitis C?
What is Hepatitis C?
What is Hepatitis C?Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by viruses called (HCV). The virus infects the liver and leads to inflammation. HCV infection remains latent without major symptoms. Symptoms appear after a decade of infection, when the disease be..
How to help the body at the first sign of a cold. Ayurvedic remedies.
How to help the body at the first sign of a cold. Ayurvedic remedies.
If you find yourself sneezing, coughing or getting the flu, try these all-natural Ayurvedic remedies that are also backed by modern science.Detoxify: Drink plenty of hot water. Why?It is absorbed by the body more easily than cool water.Better removes toxi..
Obesity is a risk factor for cancer
Obesity is a risk factor for cancer
Studies show that obesity can increase the risk of cancer, but it can be prevented. Experts believe that this is mainly due to inflammation caused by visceral fat surrounding the vital organs. Cancer is caused by abnormal cell division, which damages the ..
In order to get closer to the ideal weight, maintain the acquired parameters for a long time and maintain good health, a comprehensive approach is necessary, which includes proper nutrition, physical activity, various types of massages and a number of oth..
Unhealthy food is one of the main causes of premature death
Unhealthy food is one of the main causes of premature death
Unhealthy diet is the leading cause of premature death worldwide. According to studies by leading authorities on global diseases, consumption of red meat and sugar-sweetened beverages has been found to be responsible for approximately 21% of deaths worldw..
Strengthen bones, avoid fractures
Strengthen bones, avoid fractures
The strength of your body depends largely on the strength of your bones. Keep your bones strong and you will overcome many ailments that can hit you, especially as you age.Charakasmahit, an ancient text of Ayurveda, describes 18 types of osteoporosis. It ..
5 tips for maintaining a healthy heart
5 tips for maintaining a healthy heart
5 tips to keep your heart healthy at workYour work environment has a significant impact on our physical, mental and social health. It is possible to prevent serious cardiovascular risks such as heart attacks and strokes by choosing a healthy diet and phys..

Group of companies SHIVMED Official distributor of certified Ayurvedic drugs and nutraceuticals.

The company was attracted by the virtues of the ancient Indian medical system AYURVEDA, which uses the power of medicinal plants for a holistic effect on the physical and spiritual health of a person. SHIVMED researches ancient formulas, develops effective compositions using the latest technologies, conducts pharmacological analysis and clinical evaluation of products.

The company specializes in the marketing of high quality natural products. SHIVMED is a member of the Ukrainian Ayurveda Yoga Association and the European Business Association.

The mission of the company

is to offer effective solutions aimed at preserving and strengthening human health with natural complex remedies created on the basis of the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and the latest achievements in science. We strive to protect and preserve the most important human values ​​- good health and quality of life.


The driving force behind the development of SHIVMED is the principle "The Future Starts Today!" Constant concern for the health and quality of life of people by improving the general culture of healthcare and close cooperation with specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy. The company is increasing production capacity, expanding its product range and developing new products.  The values ​​we share are the key to success:

  • quality
  • efficiency
  • safety
  • confidence
  • innovation
  • partnership
  • development

Product portfolio.

The SHIVMED group of companies offers original, innovative, natural, highly effective and safe products on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. All preparations contain only standardized extracts of medicinal plants, which puts them on a par with synthetic agents in terms of therapeutic efficacy and predictability of results, while they have the highest degree of safety and the possibility of long-term use.

The production of drugs under its own trademarks "SHIVMED" is carried out at partner factories that provide technology and production conditions that comply with international pharmaceutical industry quality standards: GMP, WHO, ISO22000:2005, FSSAI, HACCP.

Used in production:

  • high research potential
  • latest advances in pharmacy
  • thousand years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine
  • the latest technology
  • modern production base

All SHIVMED preparations are certified in Ukraine and undergo outgoing and incoming quality control. The effectiveness of drugs is due to their quality and synergy of the components included in the composition.


SHIVMED has combined the knowledge and skills of talented, ambitious, responsible and proactive professionals. The company's staff is a team of like-minded people who combine many years of experience and a good knowledge base.

Our company is a territory of unlimited opportunities, where young, talented and ambitious specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and realize themselves.

The success story of SHIVMED is the result of many years of painstaking work of the entire team in the name of the health and high quality of life of patients.

SHIVMED - health from nature!


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