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Sumy, 40034, 54 Mykhaila Lushpa ave
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Skin care

Bioviton protein plus
In stock
260 грн.
199 грн.
Derminol cream
In stock
Derminol - a broad-spectrum dermatological cream Ingredients: cedar oil, eucalyptus oil, Pongamia Glabra oil. All plants used in the the cream DERMINOL ® are included in the pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, or included in the British and Indian pharmacopo..
100 грн.
50 грн.
Hepatoid Capsules
In stock
GEPATOVID® is a complex ayurvedic preparation with a wide range of pharmacological and therapeutic effects fot the healthy hepatobiliary system. In the composition extracts of medicinal plants: Andrographis paniculata, Picrorhiza kurroa, Eclipta al..
195 грн.
Proimmunovid syrup 100 ml
In stock
Proimmunovid - a combined ayurvedic preparation of natural extracts, which is a natural regulator for the harmonious work of the immune system. In the composition of extracts of medicinal plants: Tinospora cordifolia Extract Withania somnifera ..
130 грн.
75 грн.
Soricure cream
In stock
SORICURE® is a natural cream for psoriasis. Composition: Wrightia tinctoria oil Aloe extract Emblica oil Wrightia tinctoria oil helps to slow down and stop the development of psoriasis, regulates the speed of reproduction of epidermal cells,..
140 грн.
Boro Beauty skin care cream
Out Of Stock
In the composition extracts of: Aloe (Indian Aloe) Ginger lily Sandalwood Neem Ocimum sanctum Turmeric Catechu Acacia Nymphaea alba Cedar wood Liquorice Eucalyptus Boro beauty skin care cream has on the skin ultraviolet protec..
35 грн.
Skin care